Avoid Pitfalls Early in Business

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Have you ever heard of the phrase, experience is the best teacher? Well, some experiences are unpleasant!

Your experience is unique to you

You will be full of great excitement as an entrepreneur when starting up, that feeling of self independence is intriguing but the life of an entrepreneur is full of many challenges as well. This means that you will have your own personal experiences no matter what. However, experience could be a necessary teacher but often time not the best teacher or in most time not a feel good kind of teacher. It is essential that you know as a startup runner to avoid every pitfall as earlier as possible, this could make you reach your goals swiftly.

How to avoid Pitfalls in startups?

Industrial Learning Curve

Before embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship, every entrepreneurs assume that they could deliver in the area of their choice of business. However, the industry that you thought could fall under universal categorisation for example marketing, sales, information technology, media etc, could turn out to work differently for every organisations. Stay humble with a teachable spirit, learn from those that are experienced than you.

Consumers and Potential Customers Feedback?

Don't be too overconfident in your products. The major goal of every businesses is to add values to consumers. This is why it is very important to do survey from time to time about how your product could server your consumers better, this will help you avoid the pitfall of negative reviews.

Stay off complicated products

A product is supposed to add value to consumers and this of course includes making your product easy to use. Remember, your consumers are not like students that must write an examination to pass no matter how tough the examination questions could be. Your consumers want to pay for a product that will make their life less complicated, so stay off c