Game Development at GONA

Updated: Jun 13

Introduction to Game Development by Natasha Skult

Based on transcription, according to the live lecture by Natasha Skult, a Game Developer - Entrepreneur - Academic & Teacher, hosted by Ray Global Digital.

Introduction to Game Development

There is a lot of misunderstanding on gamification, quite often and in previous time, like let's say in the past decade or longer, let's say certified teachers; if you think about educational games, quite often it would happen that teachers are the ones who are asked to make a game and teachers don't know anything about making games. It is not even necessarily that they play games, so this is really important aspect of who is actually involved in creating gamified solution because when it comes to education for example, teachers are the right people to teach because they're experts in the curriculum and the ways learning process of a certain subject and on a certain level but do they know how to make it into actually engaging experience? Not really, and this is something where we can see from the various gamified solutions in the previous years, in the market that they did not really succeed because wrong people were involved. So, i will be talking now exactly what it means and how to improve it but before we go there, i want to ask if anyone here actually, because i love interacting with the audience as well.

If anyone wants to answer this very simple question, why we play games? why do people play any kind of games, be it mobile, pc, console, you name it. Why do you play games as a child or as an adult?

Response from attendees

Attendee - Yes, games are a way of learning information, just like in the the mimicking of our parents of what they do. We mimic their voice in speaking words, we mimic their actions when we see them. Games are a way of practicing basic skills in order to get better at them as adults.

Thank you for that anyone else - Natasha

Attendee I while away time when i play game, i do play game maybe when sitting in the bus traveling or maybe when sitting, when i'm bored. I just use game to while away time mostly,

Natasha - Yes, that is another. Any other person?

Attendee Why I play games, "relaxation". It's relaxes me, i don't have to think too much -

Natasha- "definitely it depends on the game though"