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Live a little! Or more!

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Thanksgiving and the story so far...

Performing at River Helsinki.

Music production set design, we assisted the director.

Business Ray Summit Launched with professionals.

Ray Ignite Launch, Helsinki. Suomen Raamattuopisto opiskelija (students).

Victoria Highland, Lagos. Fan's award picture.

Ray Ignite Denmark!

Ray Enable Care Outreach to blind home, Nigeria.

Music Launching!

Wedding shoot, Helsinki.

Ray Ignite Vaasa, Finland.

Ray Ignite Odense, Denmark.

KBell Music at Pop & Jazz, Helsinki.

Vaasa, Finland.

On film set, Nigeria.

Achievers conference, Hyvinkää.

Director of stage drama skit and performing arts, Kaisa 2010 .

Meeting people of diverse Cultures.

Touring with River Music Team at Tampere.

Shine, play a little!

Sweden tour.

Ray Ignite Espoo

Vaasa Carol!

tvRay's Mini AV studio.

Work, work, work! Eye on it!


Thank you.

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