Making Money, Growing Your Youtube Community.

Updated: Jul 26

You have produced some solid production and you are so excited to share it with the world, in fact you have spent some extra cash to make sure that your videos, be it podcast, blogs, films or music video is upto standard before publishing to your youtube channel. However, the most obvious shocking news rock you when you discovered that it was only a few of your friends that watched and reacted to your upload. Don't let your heart be troubled, you are not alone. We have been there too, this is why we did a thorough research on how to become a successful YouTuber, starting from small channel to a monetized channel.

Facing the fact !

If you want to be the next social media celebrity or influencer, in most cases it doesn't just happen by luck rather by work. You have to invest a little bit more, your have to test and test until you hit your breakthrough.


Keep creating, keep uploading and be ready to market it.

Here’s how we did it:

  1. Have a vision and goal for your channel.

  2. It is a best practice to upload new video at least once in a week or in a month at worse.

  3. Expose yourself to the do(s) and don't(s) 0f YouTube, according t