Ethics of Marketing and Advertising to Young Children

Updated: Jul 21

Ethics of marketing and advertising to young children by Janri Manalang.

Being the transcripted version of a thesis interview and research by Janri Manalang, interviewee is the CEO of Ray global Digital 'Korede Bello' popularly known as KBell. Korede is a musician, a writer, a producer, a philanthropy, an entrepreneur and a media engineer.


JM: Living here for a long time, how would you describe the marketing and advertising

culture of Finland?

KBell: The advertising culture in Finland is evolving in my opinion. The way it used to

be like about 14 years ago is not the same. It's not the same five years after, it's the same ten years after, and it’s not the same currently. So in summary, I will say that’s it’s evolving. Is it the

best? Not totally. Is it awful? Not totally. It’s somewhere in between because there are different forms of marketing. There is phone marketing, online marketing, Internet, text. and so and so forth. Some of them are good, some of them are not.

JM: What would you describe as ‘good’ marketing versus ‘bad’ marketing?

KBell: What I will describe as bad marketing is, for example, if I subscribe to

receive a marketing update–an advertisement to buy a product, that’s okay. But if I did not show interest but because somewhere, through Internet or phone subscriptions, I begin to

receive messages, calls, those are bad form of marketing. Because, it’s more like, they are

intruding into people’s life, proposing what they don’t want. Those are bad marketing.