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Second Wave is A myth: Nigerians dare the Covid-19's Warning

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Will the second phase of Covid-19 hit Nigeria even though it didn’t appear the first wave was serious, reported by Adeyanju Deborah

The world stands still as the corona virus also known as Covid-19 turns out to be the major pandemic hit and a fast killing disease across the world in the year 2020. So many countries of the world lost their citizens to the ravaging pandemic, of which Nigeria is no exception.

However, it is not so many Nigerians that believe that COVID-19 exists, so many people are just throwing caution to the winds, buses filled to their capacities, market squares are jam packed, even religious centers are not spared, hence the widespread of the disease.

The second phase of the pandemic has already began and some countries like United Kingdom and Israel are on lockdown, but it is a doubt if Nigerians or the Nigerian government would allow the second lockdown to take place as the first wave didn’t go down well with the citizens and major commercial sectors. The question one would ask is that; are the citizens of Nigeria observing the rules such as masking up, washing hands, using sanitizer, and social distancing which has proven to minimize the spread of Covid-19.

Unfortunately research has shown that the second phase will be worse than the first as the virus continues to mutate, it is both symptomatic and asymptomatic which means that Coronavirus comes with symptoms and some other cases has no symptom. This will make it really easy for the spread of the virus. Nigeria is known worldwide to be resourceful when it comes to prevention of Infectious diseases. Even though the death toll was predicted that it would be out of control, African countries keep disappointing the prediction of the developed continents. Nigeria has been fortunate to tackle Infectious diseases in such a way that made the developed country like United State of America study how the country was able to minimise the spread of disease like Ebola when it hit.

In conclusion, if nations with better healthcare facilities were not spared, one can only wonder how Nigeria can really escape the second wave of the Coronavirus. We recommend and advise that all Nigerians observe all the rules of Covid-19, prevention is not just better but far cheaper than cure, act smart by keeping safe.

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