Who are we?

Ray Global Digital is a creative multimedia branding studio situated in Espoo, Finland. We offer strong and distinct brand identities based on research and creative innovation. We also provide client based services i.e Events, corporate and personal Photography / Videography, Graphic and Web-Design, products i.e customised T-Shirts, Music CDs, projects i.e, music, films and documentaries, creative workshops, educative engagements, broadcasting and life changing conferences. We deliver business, fun, social entertainment and christian faith based programs experiences to all people around the world via our online tvRay Plus and social media TV channels.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to provide client based products and projects, creative workshops and educative engagements. We adopt community inclusion and diversity to create contents for educational, entertainment purposes, our faith contents is for impartation purposes. Through distinct brand identities based on research and creative innovation, with interests in expansion around the world. We are a brand that is full of great excitement to engage the present and anticipate the brighter future.

What do we Specialise on?

Information Technology, Journalism, Video Production, Video Editing, Colour Grading, Live Events’ Production, Music, Films, Screenwriting, Script, Sound Directing, Graphic & Web-design, Game application Development, Lighting & Stage Design, Brand Identity, Music, Composition, Show Creation, Concert & Tours.

Why Us, Why Now?

You may have the question about why you may need our services especially at a time when it is possible to use mobile phones to record videos. It is true that most phones now can record good video of high quality, however it should be noted that professional video production of any forms and media goes beyond just having a camera, there are a lot of factors that make a production TV stream worthy, which eventually make production expensive. Things like professional lighting, professional sound systems, professional microphones, stage design, makeup, editing, script, directing, marketing, your social media video platform’s expansion and engagement etc are all included among many other things that you will benefit from our offers with low budget. You won’t be alone anymore, we’ve got your back, we will be there with you all the ways from planning to execution. This also means that you will no longer approach your production like it is a hobby, you will have to be serious and be intentional with your production too with regular releases. We want to run wide with you in your creative imagination and anything is possible. Sign up for our price lists through our contact form.

What are the values that we will add to you and your work?  ​

We will offer you a push and encouragement you need to establish and grow your YouTube, Facebook or website videos, that will make you look more or become more professional as a show host, musician, live concert, seminal organiser and faith based event organiser that can open doors of sponsorship and financial assistance to you depending on your vision, goals and how well you are able to utilise the tools that is at your disposal by us. We will continue to have regular meetings with you to monitor your growth and watch you grow overtime. Our business proposer is an annual proposal with 50% discount in the first 1 year, after which you can later decide if you want to continue with the usage of our services.

What should you do when you are not satisfy with service as promised?

It is of great essentiality that we deliver quality service and that you are 100% satisfied with the services and product we have made. However, sometimes it may happen that for one reason or another the result has not come as agreed. Please, feel free to contact us within a week (7 days) by e-mail ray@rayglobaldigital.com or via our contact form at www.rayglobaldigital.com and we will make every necessary changes as soon as possible. The feedback should include the name of the project, pictures of the mistakes and a summary of the adjustment that you want us to make, this information will enable us to deal with the matter, deliberate with you and/or explain more why, especially if there is a deliberate creative idea behind the delivery, there is no particular fix partern to go about media creative content. Let us know what you think of our services. Feedback is of paramount importance to us to guarantee the quality of service. All feedback we receive will be processed and help us to serve you better.

What is Ray Ignite?

Ray Ignite is a live musical concert designed for artists that we are working with. It also takes a form of tour around the cities of the world. Ray Ignite is designed in such a way that will help music artists realise their goals and dreams in music production and live concerts that are professionally produced. We recommend artists sing their original songs at the live concert to be entitled to their royalty across our recommended music platforms around the world.

How can I get involved?

You can get involved by becoming our volunteering professional partners by featuring on our Web-TV shows, by becoming our work partners, finance supporters, and/or by joining our volunteering production crew. Email us and sign-up with your email address, we will keep updating you of our service.

How do we operate?

We operate majorly through sponsorship, partnership and support. We are working everyday to ensure that we keep on producing world class television standard production that will keep on impacting, influencing, making the world a better place through our list of contributors and make creators comfortable and bolder with their crafts, through our list of contributors and programs. We use the funds to cover the costs of producing TV programs and program time, i.e designing, making, producing and broadcasting programs. Please check out our privacy policy at www.rayglobaldigital.com/privacy. We will not ask you to send us your account details, nor ask you to pay into a personal bank account other than Ray Global Digital’s bank account or any other trusted official means, please confirm if you need through our contact form at www.rayglobaldigital.com/contactus Support our crowdfunding with any amount from €2 - €100 at https://www.rayglobaldigital.com/crowdfunding (Paypal) Other Means of support.
To account: FI60 1544 3000 1467 58
Reference : 43290 By giving, you are helping us with funds to build a language game application to teach children languages (on going innovative projects) and also to cover the costs of producing TV programs, managing production and program time, i.e designing, making, producing, community events and broadcasting programs. We also use the funds to support our charity trip to Africa to support the physically impaired and helpless children.

What is Business Ray?

"Business Ray Summit", a professional and entrepreneurial community event and hangout. Digital Arts is reshaping the outlook of research fields of humanities and businesses through transformation of digitisation of data in existence and new data for social media optimisation and website pages. This possibility has paved the way for new opportunities for communities, levelled the ground for startups transformation which would bring developmental literacy to solve young entrepreneur challenges and growing entrepreneurship. Business Ray is intended to provide a free networking and marketing tools with the possibilities of featuring your business' pitch on global radio and television networks.

What can I do if I want your artist to play in my city?

Ray Ignite Concert accommodates only gospel music of all genre i.e, Hip-Hop, Pop, Reggae, Rap, Worship etc. Currently the only artist that we manage is KBell and his KBell Music band, so far he had played in many cities in Finland through Ray Ignite Concert and other countries i.e Denmark and Nigeria. More artists would soon be announced and booking them will be made easier through our artist managing tools.

How does artists benefit from Ray Ignite?

We relieve them of the worries on production and technical team, this allows them to consentrate on having a flawless delivery at this live concert. Ray Ignite could take a form of mini concert or bigger concert, depending on the artist. We do not determine the venue of the concert but we can advise and recommend a venue depending on how much an artist is willing to spend. We also join the artists and their team in concert advertising provided that the artists are ready to get serious with their crafts. Above all, artists that consult and work with us will no longer be alone and will concentrate solely on their rehearsals so as to deliver an explosive live concert and have awesome production to show for it.

Who can get involved?

Anyone can get involved in our production from any part of the world, however, we make sure that everyone involved are experts in the area of the feild of feature and / or has the know how to contribute on the particular topic of discussion. Our product and services are also for anyone from any part of the world. Our primary language is English which can be subtitled to any relevant language of the particular region we are serving at a particular point in time. The only faith content allowed on our platform is christianity and we do not allow any topic regarding sexual orientation and believe.

Can I pay Instalmentaly?

For a bill that is more than €50, instalment arrangement is possible. Depending on what type of services and product, interest and VAT would be included accordingly.

Can I pay all of my invoices at once?

Yes, you can pay all your invoices at once no matter how much it is.

Can I pay my invoice with my credit/debit card or directly from my bank account?

Currently, we only have the possibility of direct payment to our bank account. Once there is the possibility of payment via credit/debit car. We will alert all our customers.

Do you pay volunteers?

No, we do not make any forms of payment to volunteers. However, depending on the kind of project. We may (not of certainty), say our thank you inform of gift, purchase of transportation tickets and/or gift cards. If there is a payment agreement of some sort for your volunteering services, make sure that it is made official with an official document signed by you and us which clearly stated the date and what the project is all about.

Can I request that a video that I featured in should be taken down?

Requesting that a video where you are featured in on any of our plaforms and/or programs is dependent on your agreement with us and our agreement with our partners. Please note that we operate mostly through partnership and lists of contributors. Once you agree to feature on our production, you have agreed that the video would be used as we deem fit. We alway intend to use all of our production, and even that of our partners provided that that is our agreement. If you have condition where you do not want to feature in any of our production, please tell our partner at least 48 hours before production. Failure to do so means that we will still use that video and/or production any ways. We recommend that you edit your content well enough and make every neccessary adjustment before you feature on our production or that of our partners. It cost a fortune to produce and we do not operate by the culture of wastefulness. We are also reasonable in that we are always looking for the wellness of our customers, partners and their customers, if the case may be that it is paramount that your video should be taken down, please contact us or our partner to contact us. Tell us a reasonable reason why you think that your video should be taken down.

Can I get a copy of the video that I am featured in?

Yes, you can get a copy of the video of every 10 mins at the rate of €20 per copy for our volunteering guests. We will provide you with certificate of right of usage on your social media platforms. Downloading the video for your usage without our consent is regards as copyright infringement which could lead to a legal case.

Why do I have to pay to get a copy of video that I featured in as volunteer?

We understand that you may want to document your achievements or have a copy of your video especially, your media interview, this is why we will always send you the pictures of your experience with us which you can use as you like. But when it comes to video contents, we operate production majorly through sponsorship, partnership and support to keep on impacting, influencing and making the world a better place through our list of contributors like you and other programs. Your payment to get a copy of a video is your chance of supporting us financially, we use the funds and payment to cover the costs of producing TV programs and program time, i.e designing, making, producing and broadcasting programs.

Can I get the copyright to one of your videos or Television programs?

Yes, you can get a copyright to any of our videos based on agreement. The agreement could be inform of payment, support, partnership, acknowledgement or any other compentiation possibility. Write us at ray@rayglobaldigital.com, send us the video link or screen shot to which you require copyright, write us the summary of what you want to use it for and to which platforms that you would be using it. Once we reach an agreement, you will get a copyright certificate of usage.

What is iCare Conference?

iCare Conference is a monthly virtual online conference and/or a community based conference hosted by tvRay plus team and crew. iCare Conference addresses topics on Healthcare, Innovation, Technology, Business, faith and Humanity by professionals via community inclusion, thought leadership, being creative, charity, wellness, motivation and technology to address issues of life for the advancement of the people around the world, community and humanity. It takes the form of workshops, seminal, interviews and documentaries.